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Ing. Arch. Imrich Pleidel

Our architecture studio is a licensed independent firm operating under Authorization Certificate 0008 AA issued by the Slovak Chamber of Architects in 1992.  We work as a flexible, mainly young collective under the guidance of authorized architect Imrich Pleidel. Our studio is primarily oriented towards architectural design, interior and exterior design, and to a lesser extent, urban planning.  Our core focus involves architectural designs, complete project documentation for urban development permits, building permits and building construction, as well as urban planning documentation in the following fields:

  • family houses and flat dwellings
  • civil and industrial buildings
  • building reconstruction and renovation interiér
  • interior
  • exterior
  • urban planning


We can provide interested parties a complete package of services for urban development permit procedures, building permits, or building code approval, particularly for the projects developed by our “workshop”.  Our work includes professional consulting services, authorial supervision, and construction inspection.  We have a long record of experience in successfully satisfying the needs and wishes of our clients.